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I’ve been writing all my life, and fifteen years ago I found a publisher for my novels. They are suspense novels, and readers tell me they can't put them down. I write novels not only to entertain but to bring a deeper understanding of how the major issues of our time challenge our values. In their pursuit of lofty goals, my protagonists encounter situations that expose their inner conflicts and test their commitments.

My books appeal to educated readers of serious fiction and are popular with reading groups. They all have book discussion guides that include an introduction, a conversation with the author, and questions for discussion.

My first career was in journalism with the Wall Street Journal, after which I served in the army during the Vietnam War. Then I joined an international bank and worked overseas, initially as an economic and political analyst, applying skills I learned in journalism and the military. My years of living, working, and traveling in foreign countries have given me settings for my novels (Buenos Aires, Madrid, London, Santo Domingo, and other places).



A Residue of Hope


"Tom Milton has written a novel regarding the fentanyl problem and how families cope once their child has been exposed to this horrible drug. There are so many parents who are dealing with this epidemic, hopefully Tom Milton's A Residue of Hope will be just the book for those parents." LibraryThing


"The book explores a mother who questions herself on what went wrong with her daughter. Weaving through the past and present, she wonders where she went wrong in her life, from raising her children, her connection with her sister, and even how her own parents' upbringing could have caused the outcome of where she is today. The message I got from the book was that although you'll have struggles in your life, you'll always have hope for a better day." LibraryThing



Blind in Granada


"A very introspective tale and dark at times, but at the end it comes together. I highly recommend this book." LibraryThing


"This book was very good. The characters were great and I loved the plot!" LibraryThing



A Contrite Heart


"A tight political suspense story with an unusual setting." Kirkus Reviews


"The author does an amazing job of developing his characters. The plot is engaging, interesting, and easy to follow. The setting is also well described. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, and I look forward to reading additional novels by Tom Milton." LibaryThing



The Lost Summer


"The characterization was excellent. The structuring and arrangement of the plot were also perfect, and the writing was easy to understand." OnLineBookClub



The Lineman


"A compelling story about the loss of male identity which disrupts our society with addictions and extremist behaviors." Ruth Hamilton, social worker.


"A real story about real people in the real world. I loved it." Mary Ceska, editor.



The Last Resort


"A sincere human interest tale couched in an informed overview of current events. The thoughtful, well-intentioned characters are transformed in a hopeful ending." Foreword Reviews


"Milton does a conscientious job of dramatizing the arguments, drawing Elsa and Karl as real people in conflict, and nicely pacing the conversion. A worthwhile read." Kirkus Reviews



The Godmother


"In The Godmother, Milton shines a spotlight on two troubling issues of our times: the dangers of relying on psychotropic drugs as the protocol of choice when dealing with children and teens in crisis; and the risks of young people making internet alliances with strangers who have only a cyberspace identity." Barbara Benjamin, author of Chirst Conscious Leadership.


"I loved this book. The character of the godmother, Gina Moretti, is shown in depth as she deals with the challenges of growing up in a tight, traditional family and of raising a child in an era when individual behavior is controlled by drugs and social activities are determined by the internet." Eileen Lanahan, author of An Act of Love

Eden Valley


"Lena McLean is a compelling character, a believable one. There are also carefully crafted, believable secondary characters. It makes me interested to read other titles by the author, and keep this one around to read a second time." Goodreads 

“In Eden Valley, Tom Milton not only puts a timely and probing spotlight on the criminal excesses of corporate power, which has no regard for the well-being of people or nature, but also introduces the reader to the beauty of a specific bucolic paradise in southeastern Minnesota being threatened by international oil interests that plan on mining the land for its rich frac sands.” Barbara Benjamin, author of The Joshua Priest

"Interesting story around the struggle against corporate greed." Goodreads

The Silver Locket

"In this novel the author introduces the reader to the horrors of a violent gang rape of an innocent young woman and goes on to explore the motivations of the perpetrators and the devastating consequences to the victim." Barbara Benjamin, author of The Joshua Priest

"I loved the book! It had me thinking about when I went to school." Goodreads

"This is a must read for parents with school aged children." Goodreads

Orphans of War

"An excellent book, in-depth, insightful and a great read, written by an exceptional writer." Goodreads

"Such a believable story in this day and age. It's heart-wrenching as I think of myself and what I would do in this situation." Goodreads

"A strong female character." Kindle Reader

Invisible Wounds

"I am a service member who deployed to Afghanistan in 2011, and since coming back, I have been diagnosed with PTSD. This is the best fiction book ever written on the topic." LibraryThing

"As a veteran with PTSD myself, this novel brought a wave of relief across me. FINALLY someone gets it! It is so refreshing having someone write about the struggles of being a veteran. It makes me feel not so alone!" Kindle Reader

"I got this book and couldn't put it down. Well written and brought to light what PTSD really is and how it affects everyone around not just the soldier. I would recommend this book!" Amazon Reader

Leave of Absence

"Once I began I could not stop my page turning. It is so good." Goodreads

"A thoughtful novel with likeable characters, a warm setting, and dramatic tension. You begin to feel for the characters and are enchanted as the story goes on." LibraryThing

"This is a novel that probes some of our most pressing human challenges: overcoming childhood traumas and learning to receive love and love others; dealing effectively with the existence of pure evil in the pursuit of good; and opposing violence without engaging in violence." Barbara Benjamin, author of The Joshua Priest

Outside the Gate

"The author’s intent is to shine a spotlight on the appalling crime of human trafficking that persists in many parts of the world. He succeeds in establishing a sense of impending disaster—a race against the clock—as a horrific kidnapping is seen through a parent’s eyes." ForeWord Reviews

"This book is a shocking glimpse into a world that I feel most of us like to pretend doesn't exist, but is very real, and far more widespread than I ever would have suspected. A must read for anyone with children, a conscience, or a global perspective." LibraryThing

The Golden Door

Finalist for Book of the Year - ForeWord Reviews

"The Golden Door is a good read, and its address of immigration issues is easily applicable to American controversy on the same subject, as well as stereotypes that persist today." ForeWord Reviews

"This book was fantastic. A sad and gripping storyline about a girl struggling to live as other Americans do. Never a dull page, it will keep you interested throughout the whole book. Very compelling and wonderful. I would absolutely read this if I were you!" Goodreads

Sara's Laughter

Finalist for Book of the Year - ForeWord Reviews

“Milton is a talented storyteller who has real sympathy for his characters, and the result is an honest tale about relationships—the vicissitudes, the frustrations, the solace—and the enduring power of familial love.” Foreword Reviews

“I loved this book. It is a great story about a woman struggling to come to terms with infertility and her desire to have children.” Library Thing

“A great read for everyone that loves family, friends and the desire to have a baby.” Goodreads

“An original saga of would-be motherhood.” Midwest Book Review

A Shower of Roses

“Provoking and engaging, and hard to put down.” ForeWord Reviews

“Tom Milton’s masterful storytelling in A Shower of Roses lures readers into a world where a poignant and powerful love story unfolds in the backdrop of an extraordinarily evocative setting.” Wordsmith


Finalist in Next Generation Indie Book Awards for multi-cultural fiction.

“Tom Milton has definitely crafted a gripping thriller.” U.S. Review of Books

All the Flowers

“A story of the growing loss of innocence through the years of the Vietnam War, a fascinating read all the way through.” Midwest Book Review

The Admiral’s Daughter

“This novel has all the elements of a Greek tragedy—a great man who falls from grace, a family drama that pits father against daughter, and retribution for ancestral sin—while at the same time it’s a moving story of love and redemption.” Eileen Lanahan, author of An Act of Love

No Way to Peace

“The setting is superb. The characters are clearly defined. This book makes an excellent book club choice. We rated it five hearts.” Heartland Reviews

You can buy any of my novels in paperback format directly from my publisher for $9.95 with free shipping. Just click on the Nepperhan Press link below.

Or, if you prefer, you can buy any of my novels in Kindle format for $2.99 at amazon.com.